Primrose Hill School is a growing community in the Hudson Valley, dedicated to educating children through a balance of academics, arts, and a connection to the natural world. We believe that an education inspired by the Waldorf method unlocks the unique natural capacities of each individual child, enabling students to reach their highest potential.

The Primrose Hill School Fund for Access and Inclusion is a gifting opportunity for corporations and individuals who wish to support two key values of the School’s guiding principles, Access and Acceptance:

Every child should have access to this kind of education.

All children should be accepted for who they are and gain the confidence to be proud of their unique identity as they enter the world.   

Primrose Hill School strives to reflect the diversity of our society. We recognize that a range of nationalities, languages, cultures, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, and life experiences lead to equity, understanding, and acceptance if cultivated in a nurturing environment. Through the creation of the Fund, we affirm that this spirit of inclusion affects every part of our school and that our healthy growth is based on cooperation, compassion, commitment, and respect.

As a component of our Community Supported Education (CSE) program, the Fund allows Primrose Hill School to offer this educational opportunity to families who might consider our school beyond their financial reach. At the same time, it offers a means for children from varied backgrounds to be welcomed into Primrose Hill School without creating a financial burden for their families.

Here, at last, is an aspiring school, inspired by Waldorf education (with all the goodness that comes with that) having woven into its founding ideals rich practices from which its students can learn: the care of animals and the land; the welcoming of all children regardless of socioeconomic status; and the care of the wider community around them through their “Feeding Ulster Dutchess” program, which incorporates a CSA model into school life. What better way to teach the young that these are essentials of life than to actually DO them in the very programming? It’s an honor to be on the Board of this remarkable young school. I love all schools working out of the Waldorf pedagogy and this one is the mouse that roared, and roared loudly, for a more human future!
— Patrice Maynard, Research Institute for Waldorf Education