Moving from Tuition toward Family Contribution

At Primrose Hill School, we believe that Waldorf education should be available to all families who value it, regardless of their financial circumstances. We believe that full economic diversity is necessary to be effective in our mission for social change, acceptance, and inclusion.

Our Community Supported Education (CSE) initiative aims to shift education out of the economic realm and into its rightful place in the sphere of culture. We are letting go of the paradigm of independent schooling as a “fee for services” model. The CSE approach strives to cultivate a positive and conscious relationship with our collective resources, financial and otherwise, promoting awareness of the needs and gifts of each member of our community. Community Supported Education requires that we trust in each other to contribute to the best of our ability. All the resources we need to thrive are already present, if we as a community choose to be collectively responsible for the maintenance and growth of our school. 

Every year, all families enrolling at Primrose Hill School will meet with the CSE Committee. While we encourage parents to hold Waldorf education very high on their list of financial priorities, families are not asked to make a financial commitment beyond their means. In contrast, families who are able are encouraged to contribute beyond the suggested amount. A dedicated fund for Access and Inclusion has also been established to ensure a diverse and vibrant community.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet with you and learn more about your family.

The Community Supported Education Committee

“With all the noise, demands, and chaos of the modern world, it can be easy to lose hope and become discouraged. However, when I see the bright, shining, thriving children before me on a daily basis, I have hope and am encouraged for the future.”
— Kieran Riley, Farming and Gardening Teacher


Materials fee and land stewardship fee for our farm included.


Morning Program: 8:45am to 12:30pm
5 mornings: $10,380
4 mornings: $9,140

Afternoon Program: 12:30 to 2:45pm
Available for students enrolled in the morning program.

 5 afternoons: $3,340
 4 afternoons: $2,670
 3 afternoons: $2,000
 2 afternoons: $1,340
 1 afternoon:  $670


Schedule: 8:35am to 3:15pm
5 full days: $16,300
Application Fee: $75
Deposit: $500, applied toward tuition