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Winter Spiral

Primrose Hill School Community Room

Families with children in both Early Childhood classes AND 1st or 2nd grade may choose one time or the other, but do not need to attend both.

Note: Please keep long hair pulled back or in braids, and take care that clothing fits closely, rather than very long and loose, so that children are safe to carry and place their candles.

If you have crystals that you would be happy to lend us for building and beautifying the spiral, please LABEL them and deliver them to the Main Office (Bldg 31) at your earliest convenience next week.  There will be a basket for their collection on the Reception desk.  Thank you!

The winter spiral is a beautiful ritual signifying carrying our own light into the darkest time of year.  It reminds us of the potential that lives in quiet darkness, and the power of our combined light to bring that potential to fruition.  

Evergreen branches are arranged in a spiral. Within the pine needles are hidden things of beauty from the natural world (gems, pinecones...) A single candle stands in the center of the darkened room as gentle music is played by a live musician. One by one, participants walk from the outside of the spiral to the center with an unlit candle and light it from the candle standing in the center. They return back on the spiral path, choosing a special place to put their candle along their way. As the ceremony continues, the room grows brighter and the treasures hidden along the path are illuminated.

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