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Supporting Health in Childhood Through an Understanding of Developmental Stages: A Parent Education Talk by Sarah Hearn

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This talk will address aspects of the developmental stages of childhood and provide a pictorial guide to understanding the growth of the child’s physical body and inner experience from birth through adolescence. As parents and caregivers, these understandings can help us to recognize which stages are healthy, and when a child may need extra support. Through our observation of these in daily life, we can help bring balance to times of one-sidedness, expressed as physical symptoms and/or challenging behaviors, in order to strengthen and nourish the child’s focus, stability, and overall wellbeing. We will look at practical ways to do this within the family. By working with the developmental stages, we can understand how the choices that are made now can help lay the foundations for the future health and wellbeing of the child.

Sarah Hearn is a complementary health practitioner working out of anthroposophy, in the Hudson Valley. Rudolf Steiner’s indications for the health and well-being of the individual underpin her practice. She works with adults, children, family groups, and teachers in their role supporting the children in their care. Sarah also offers workshops through Developing the Self ( as part of the Care and Development of the Senses program and the Social Understanding, Gender and Sexuality Program's in-school curriculum for grades 4-12. 

If you would like to speak to Sarah about the talk, she can be contacted at 908-227-0004.

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